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Jin Tanaka

Serial Entrepreneur

"As a founder of multiple startups, I know how incredibly hard it is to meet the right investors"

Jin is a serial entrepreneur who has lived all over the world. As a young Japanese he dreamt of having a startup one day. Instead of just dreaming, the took action and moved to San Francisco. There he founded Foxsy, the most successful social networking bot in the world.

It wasn’t easy to meet the right people. Even when met some investors he didn’t know how to pitch. He joined three incubator programs, heard hundreds of pitches, got feedback from the best Venture Capitalists. And he built an incredible network.

He participated in four incubator programs where he perfected his pitching skills. Now he wants to share his experiences with other startup founders.

"I entered pitch night for practical experience presenting to a group of people outside of my regular network, and left with great feedback, 1st prize - and best part! - interest from VCs"

Christian is the Chief Marketing Officer of Evolany, a startup that builds Anybot. The startup builds smartphone-style apps inside popular messaging services like LINE and Messenger.

Christian Forestell

Startup Founder

The Startup Pitch Night

This is your chance to tell your story to a panel of real investors! We will help you prepare a pitch that will captivate the audience and the investors at the Workforce startup pitch night.